From Now to Wow!

What’s more work than cleaning your house, more challenging than a Rubic’s Cube but more rewarding than organizing your closet?

YOUR personal growth and development! 

Yes, folks working on ourselves is hard, but rewarding, work.  But fear not, allow me to

Are you ready to BLOSSOM!?

introduce you to this weeks guest on Your Life, Unlimited on Radio,  Helen Maupin.  Helen, along with co-author Benita Stafford-Smith, have put their life coaching skills to co-author a beautiful self-coaching  book called, From Now to WOW, Step by Step, An Invitation to Transformation.

Helen walked us through some tools for transformation and challenged us to ‘Become the Hero’ of our own lives by making decisions that will both inspire and lead us towards our vision of our future self. 

Becoming aware of things you really value can help make decision-making much easier by allowing you to put your decisions through a  ‘value filter’, of sorts.  For Helen, she values peace, love and joy.  If something she is asked to do doesn’t pass the ‘test’ (i.e.  Will this activity bring me peace, love and/or joy?), she gives it a thumbs down.

What do you value?  Adventure, wisdom, belonging, influence, service, fun….

If you are ready to put some time and effort into developing yourself, you can get Helen and Benita’s book here, I promise you, the energy you put into coaching will come back to you ten times over!

You can listen to the whole show at, just go to the audio vault and punch in June 4, 2010 at 8 pm.

Happy developing!

Stephanie Staples

About the author:  Stephanie Staples has a knack for helping people turn obstacles into opportunities!  She speaks internationally to help engage, empower and enrich audiences in healthcare and beyond.  To find out how to bring the Your Life, Unlimited philosophy to your team or conference, visit  If you would like a free assessment to find out your True Values, email with ‘values’ in the subject line.

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