How to Ingratiate Yourself, Quickly & Sincerely

Giving a compliment is nice, who could argue with that?  If you don’t give many-come on, be more generous with your praise.  If you are already good at giving compliments, consider going beyond by giving a unique compliment.

A unique compliment is something that is very

specific, and probably isn’t said or heard very often.  A unique compliment makes the person feel special, understood, valued.

It might sound like this:

  • Do you realize you have never missed a garbage day in all the years we have been together?  I never have to worry about taking the garbage out or which day is garbage day.  Thanks for that!
  • Your creativity really shone through on that project you did!
  • I love your sweater and,  in fact, you have great taste, you always look so stylish!

Be sincere, creative and genuine and go ahead-make someones day!

Also, consider giving a compliment to someone who you have never complimented before, even a strangers!  Nice!

Stephanie Stap!es,  remember, my business is Your Life, Unlimited!


One Response to “How to Ingratiate Yourself, Quickly & Sincerely”

  1. nancymcnaughton Says:

    So true Stephanie…I realized this many years ago and it is amazing how much further it goes than a simple Good Job..
    The person appears to really believe what you are saying!

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