How ‘Hillbilly Scrabble’ can Change the way you Look at Life!

Everyone and their dog has played Scrabble at some point or another, pick the tiles, make a word and build other words from there.  Pretty simple concept.  Have you ever heard of Hillbilly Scrabble?  Probably not, because my brother Paul invented it!

Working with a regular Scrabble board, you must think irregularly.  All words must be spelled wrong, but phonetically correct.  For example, instead of flower, you might put phlowr, quack, might become qwaak.  The other person or team must be able to figure it out for the word to be allowed.

Now while this may sound a little odd, let me tell you what always happens during a game, you:

  • LAUGH a lot more, because the words are funny!  
  • converse A LOT more because you are explaining and questioning the other person
  • THINK differently because it is way outside of the NORM
  • you work on NEGOCIATING skills because you are trying to convince the others team that your words should be allowed
  • you CREATE more, unique and unusual things

For these and many more reasons I encourage you to either try a game of Hillbilly Scrabble or create some new rules for a game you enjoy playing. Anything we can do to give us a new way to look at life, is a win in my books!

What can YOU do to SHAKE IT UP!?? 

Stephanie Staples
MORE than a Moativashunl Spkr!!


One Response to “How ‘Hillbilly Scrabble’ can Change the way you Look at Life!”

  1. wpgsgeekygirl Says:

    This is awesome! We will have to try it 🙂

    Thanks Stephanie!

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